Anti Termite Treatment

The termites infesting the premises ,live in colonies in the soil from where they infiltrate into buildings.

Anti termite treatment in pre construction 

Anti termite treatment in post construction

Technically advanced advanced anti termite system


Termi Line System        

Termiline Technically advanced Anti Termite System

Termiline system is a revolutionary  new technology for subterranean termite control installed under the buildings. This tube effectively treats the area under concrete slabs, for protection against infestation by subterranean  termites and around the external perimeter of structure to prevent termites entering from outside of a building.

 Termiline Installation         

 Termiline is installed prior to laying of concrete slab for the internal system and externally after external work has been completed but prior to any concrete paving etc.Chemicals are added after the concrete slab has dried and so does not expose occupants too chemicals.The refilling of Termiline is repeated when necessary.

Termiline Advantages

Treatment by termiline does not expose occupants to chemicals.

Termiline system can be installed under any type of structure viz. home, school , food establishment and commercial buildings.

No need to vacate or close the building

As system is installed under concrete so no damage is caused to flooring and structure.

Technician can service the entire system from outside.

Can be applied to all type of soil

A termite control system which is safe and environment friendly.

No smell and no pollution.